Welcome to the Reformed Christian Book Service Ministry in Slovakia

This internet bookstore is called "Dobrá správa" which means "Good News" and aims to reach Slovak and Czech speaking people with the Gospel and solid biblical teaching.

In our internet bookstore you can find a growing selection of biblical, faithful, reformed and evangelical books, brochures, tracts, leaflets, calendars, CD/DVD mp3 audio biblical teaching, DVD video, etc. to help you in spreading the Gospel of grace,  to assist in personal growth in faith, for the family and children, marriage, churches, Sunday schools. We are also here to help you or to answer any questions. (

Many books are translated from English and you can easily find (wherever possible) the original English titles.

Our bookstore is located in the northern part of the Slovak Republic (central Europe, EU) and is run as the ministry of the Soli Deo Gloria Reformed baptist church in Zilina and is registered as the charity trust o.z. Dobrá správa. You can find more here.

We send books to the whole of Europe and many countries around the globe at very reasonable prices. Please share this bookstore address with Slovak and Czech speaking people.
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